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In 1818 Johann Georg Christian Apel was appointed the first university music director of the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel. The present song collection is intended as a jubilee edition on the 200th anniversary of his appointment to shed light on his rich compositional work.

This first critical edition contains extensive explanations of the person Apel as well as the individual songs. Are included

  • the songs with piano accompaniment op. 4
  • a selection of songs with guitar accompaniment
  • the songs in the almanac "Eidora"
  • 6 two-part songs
  • 3 male choirs and 3 chorales for mixed choir

CD „Kieler Liedgut um 1800“

Single sheets of the songs for alternative registers here.

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Two songs for lute and song after poems by Otto Julius Bierbaum (1865-1910) from the Humoresque "Die Schlangendame" and Felix Dahn (1834-1912) from the ballad "Tannhäuser":

  1. Komme doch! (O, Come!) [2 '10 "]
  2. Verborgen tief in meiner Brust (Hidden deep in my chest) [2 '20 "]
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