About us

Our name euthentic® is a combination of "authentic" and the ancient Greek prefix "eu-", which means as much as "good, "real", "true", "veritable", "pure". It characterises our intention of reproducing sound and images in a proper realistic way, namely without escalating equipment against the general trend. How we achieve that, you may learn in our technical details.

Our company euthentic® includes

  • on the one hand the record label euthentic® media with our service from audio/video recording to production,
  • on the other hand the sheet music publishing house euthentic® edition, which is dedicated in particular to coming out with previously unpublished compositions. Of special interest might be the perhaps largest colletction of first published original compositions and arrangements for 12 Cellists.

Feel free to browse through our catalogue, to inform yourself about our publishing service or visit us on YouTube.