Bach, Johann Sebastian: Violin concert E major after the violin sonata BWV 1016

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The well known violin sonata E major by Johann Sebastian Bach orchestrated as violin concert by Wilhelm Mohr.

Preliminary note by Wilhelm Mohr on his orchestration of Bach's violin sonata:

"Two aspects caused me to adapt Bach's violin sonata BWV 1016 into a concert version: Primarily the well known experience that violine and obbligato harpsichord will not stand anymore in accoustic balance. Furthermore I was longing for transcribing the extensicve four-voice texture (mainly of the first and third movement) for string orchestra."
(Dr. Wilhelm Mohr, Falkenstein, Juli 1977)

The movements:

  1. Adagio [2'30"]
  2. Allegro [5']
  3. Adagio ma non tanto [3'30"]
  4. Allegro [4']
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