Kaiser-Lindemann, Wilhelm: Three Pieces for "Suzuki“ Violin Beginners and Symphony Orchestra op. 37b

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Three Pieces for "Suzuki“ Violin Beginners in the version with Symphony Orchestra by Kaiser-Lindemann. This masterpiece combines different levels of skill in a manner that conveys even the yungest musicans the sense of belonging to the great symphonic sound and interaction.

The movements are

  1. Prayer “Chanson triste” [ca. 8']
  2. Air de Ballett [ca. 4' 45"]
  3. Marching Violins “Go West!” [ca. 5' 30"]

There are further instrumentations for

  • "Suzukis" and School String Orchestra op. 37 ...
  • "Suzukis" and School Orchestra op. 37a ...
  • "Suzukis" and Organ op. 37c


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