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Product no.: 31165

The symphonic poem „HODOS - en pente" is the last completed composition by Kaiser-Lindemann. The title Titel is based on ancient Greek and essentially means „Moving in intervals of five". The work was performed for the first time on the 5th of September 2010 in the "Kieler Schloss" by the Philharmonic Orchestra Kiel conducted by Georg Fritzsch.

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A musical-philosophical poem

This piece of music is about the psy-chogram of a modern person who is affect-ed by the feeling of always experiencing the eternal return of the same thing in a hamster wheel. Despite narrowness and repetition, it also has its good points: relia-bility and predictability, safety and happy moments, but also the strength to stay  in the hamster wheel . In return you receive reward for possession and power. Musical-ly, this is expressed with irregularly ac-cented but energetic eighth notes as a drive. The four-bar periodic appears symmetrical, but is broken asymmetrically in its 3-1 con-stellation, which later changes into a three-bar periodic.
But people always want more and thus feel a convergence of a developing becoming and being. However, the tasks of life – pre-sented in the form of additional and con-stantly changing topic and rhythm com-plexes – result in an overload. This causes stress, which increases to the point of col-lapse. The hamster wheel becomes unbal-anced, an impending heart attack is ignored, and it quickly bursts. The result: chaos, floating between life and death, extreme pain. Soon, however, recovery slowly sets in and with it hope for new harmony. A subsequent chorale and prayer express grat-itude. A  Zwiefacher1 shows, not without irony, the futile and ultimately pointless attempt to achieve a new simplicity. Inevi-tably it goes back to the apparently mean-ingful element of life, the hamster wheel, which now spins even faster and seals fate.

* a southern German folk dance with a quick tempo and changing beat pattern

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