norddeutsche sinfonietta - Nachthimmel (CD)

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In late summer 2000 the first working phase of the norddeutschen sinfonietta took place. Even from the early concerts it was clear that the new idea to bring music students and professionals together might work.
On the occasion of the 15th anniversary the present compositions were recorded which had been composed specifically for the norddeutsche sinfonietta in previous years.

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Contents of the CD

    Felix Gayed
 1 INSOMNIA (2013)

    Torben Mahns
 2 AURORA (2013)

    Oliver Korte
 3 Caput I - De ordine caelestium orbium
 4 Caput II - De luna
 5 Caput III - De marte
 6 Caput IV - De immensitate caeli ad magnitudinem terrae

    Fynn Großmann
    Concerto for alto sax and orchestra (2014)
 7 Alnitak
 8 Alnilam
 9 Mintaka


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