Kaiser-Lindemann, Wilhelm: „Dialoghi notturni“ op. 12 para chelo y piano

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Dialoghi notturni: nightly talking. It is a dialogue between two ever differeng individuals, represented by the piano and by the Cello, however beeing not allways the same person by changing amongst themselves as well. In so doing, the Cello represents the more serious partner with deeper emotions, the sage one. The piano on the other hand plays the smattering, self-indulgen part

Stylistically the composition is embedded in an chord, possibly not just a chord but merely and simply a stroke of the gong. This stroke is repeated time and time again to recall the partner that I can't master the matter and the cello answers allways in a different way.until finally after a tough discussion the chord resolves.

Dieser Akkord taucht immer wieder auf und erinnert den anderen daran: ich werde mit einer Sache nicht fertig und das Cello, der andere Partner reagiert immer wieder anders darauf, bis sich am Schluss nach zäher Diskussion dieser Akkord endlich auflöst.

(The Composer)

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