Broschart, Jürgen: Schwärmerei - Chanson op. 31

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This Chanson Schwärmerei - Lovesong to Anoushka Shankar - was inspired by a magnificent concert in Hamburg, performed by the Indian musician Anoushka Shankar and her band. Unlike her better-known half-sister Norah Jones she largely sticks to the traditional Indian raga music handed down to her by her late father Ravi Shankar, who also inspired the Beatles in their Indian period.
For me, at any rate, this concern was a revelation. So strong that I burst into tears and convulsions. But rather than to try my hands on Indian music as a reverence, I wrote a piece in my own style, trying to recollect my sentiments in being confronted by this godly and at the same time utterly strange musical experience.
And as a counterpart to the Classical Indian music, for the text I turned to the classics of German literature - FAUST by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Who describes what I felt, a deep wish and seduction to be young again and be near to this goddess, so the devil help me.
But in the end, reason wins over: ...
Und ich weiß ja, dass es dumm wär, zu sag‘n 'verweile doch so schön'. Und so möcht ich dich nur bitten, beeil dich nicht zu gehn. (And I know that it would be stupid to say 'Please stay with me as beautiful as at this moment - because I had promised the devil he could take me if I were to say just that'. So I just want to ask you, not to go away in a hurry).

Jürgen Broschart, December 2021

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