Albes, Karl-Friedrich: Alternative organ pieces

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A new way of organ music. These are organ compositions with not definitely assigned stilistics insofar as you may detect a fusion of classical music and pop. Hence the title "Alternative organ pieces". The present organ pieces has been formed on special  occasions of liturgical celebration and after numerous presentations they can be said to be well received by the community.
Contents / Duration:

Easter Hymn "Christ ist erstanden" (Christ has arisen) in tango-like adaption [2' 55"]
Concerto in Manier der Wiener Klassik (in style of the Viennese Classical school) [3' 55"]
Canzonetta [3' 50"]
Capriccio nach spanischem Gestus (in Spanish style) [2' 35"]
Chanson française [2' 20"]
Entrée [1' 45"]
Canticum [2' 45"]
Swing Bells [2' 20"]
Sortie [5']
Marche d’Église [2' 35"]
Concerto G major [3' 15"]
Intermezzo [3' 35"]
Reminiscences [4' 35"]
Concerto F major [3']
Initiale [4' 25"]
Aria [2'30"]
Miniature [2' 20"]
Invention 1']  

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