Großmann, Fynn: "Orion's Belt" concerto for alto sax and orchestra

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Großmann's concerto for alto saxophon and orchestra "Orion's belt" is a commissioned work by the orchestral workshop norddeutsche sinfonietta on occasion of the 200th birthday of Adolphe Sax, the designer of the saxophone. The Première took place on 15th of february 2014 in the festival hall of the Freie Waldorfschule in Rendsburg, Germany.

The composition is structured in three movements, which are named after the three the three bright stars of Orion's belt Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. All three names from the Arabic language are refering to terms as link, belt, conjunction. Precisely this ist reflected by the composition: the conjunction, cross-border merging of various musical styles as well as the thematic relationships among the three movements. Improvisation in music has been significantly influenced by the Sax especially by Jazz. And thus Jazz sounds meet classical inspired music in this concert. Enriched with elements of contemporary music such as Ligeti's "Melodies for Orchestra" all three elements are merging to something new, yet unheard, in which the musicans are acting as orchestra on the one hand and as big band on the other. In this respect, the composer deliberately makes ambiguous reference with his title selection "Band des Orion" to "das Band" the belt of Orion as well as "die Band" the performing orchestra.

The movements:
  I Alnitak [4' 45"]
 II Alnilam [3' 30"]
III Mintaka [5' 25"]


A recording of this concert is available

  • on the CD „Nachthimmel“ (Nocturnal sky) recorded by the norddeutsche sinfonietta with the composer Fynn Großmann as a soloist
  • as download
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