CD «L'Amour veut m'enflammer» - Cantates françaises

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While in France until the 18th century, mainly French music received and Jean-Baptiste Lully was held up as the French composer par excellence, came around 1700 increasingly Italian music in the context of a cultural transfer from Italy to France. Among them were mainly sonatas and cantatas. Composers around the music and the Italy enthusiast Philippe II d'Orléans, a nephew of Louis XIV, began to unite the 'Italian style' with the 'French Gôut'.

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Especially the resulting secular French cantatasare characterized by novel style mixtures ("goût réuni"), which expressively express predominantly pastoral and antique love stories in a broad spectrum of emotions.

The revival of the cantatas selected here is in addition to these first recordings also publicated here at euthentic edition as a critical issue:

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