Kaiser-Lindemann, Wilhelm: Suite for 12 Celli op. 28

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The Suite op. 28 is a commissioned work of the "Brandenburgischer Musiksommer“. The here presented original version was composed for "The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra". This work was premiered by the 12 Cellists at the 19th of August 2000 on occasion of the "Brandenburgischer Musiksommer“

Thr later authored version for string orchestra op. 28a was designed for grand symphonic orchestra as well as for chamber orchestra and solo ensemble.

The movements are:

  1. "Inori“ (Japanese: prayers) [6' 20"]
  2. "Waltz Machine“ [6' 50"]
    Tempo di valse sostenuto
  3.  "Anadolu“ (Anatolia) [6' 45"]
  4.  "Canto“ [6']
    Andante tranquillo
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